Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Knowsley active challenge 2013 & a running dilemma

2 weeks ago I ran my first 5k race. Can you believe that?! I've ran 5k a lot in my training and quite like it as a distance as I can get it over and done with in half an hour. The coach at my running group mentioned this midweek 5k race to us and we all decided to enter. We even had our own t-shirts printed! Coach had made the mistake of not getting technical t-shirts though and it was very very sweaty. He also only order medium or large, despite us all being girls who are quite petite! Needless to say I don't have a photo of myself in my t-shirt but it was good to be representing our running group. 

The race was around the ground of Knowsley Hall, just outside Liverpool. It had been a bit of a wet day which I was relieved about because our last run at running club was in ridiculous heat and I felt terrible. The race started at 7.15pm on a Wednesday, which was strange but it also felt good (and smug!) to be doing a midweek evening race. I was aiming for about 27/28 minutes. I started running with my friend Holly and we kept up a really good pace until about 3.5k and Holly started flagging. It was a bit like Titanic! I started slowing down too but she said 'No! You go on!' so I did. I crossed the line in 26 minutes and 37 seconds! My friend crossed the line just 5 seconds later. We were so pleased! What an amazing PB to set in my first 5k race. All of the other runners in my running group finished in under half an hour which everyone was chuffed to pieces with. Our coach finished in 23rd place with a time of 20 minutes 46 seconds AND he was carrying an injury. Speedy. 

So, I have my first 5k medal. And now the realisation has dawned on me that I have no other races entered. I have been a bit lazy with my running lately to be honest, only running short distances. I have found a half marathon at the start of September but it is 2 weeks before my wedding. I feel confident that I will be able to train for it. My only worry is that I'll get an injury for my honeymoon, will be too tired during training or some other worse case scenario. It is the weekend of Scott's stag do as well so it would give me something to keep busy. I'll then have done 3 half marathons in one year! So, what do we think? Good idea to run a half marathon 2 weeks before your wedding? Am I overthinking it? Should I just bloody enter? Advice please!

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